Sunday, December 23, 2012

Regarding Year books

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" MUSIC IS LIFE has left a new comment on your post "Next Prelims Exam 2013???": 
Hi Ashwini,
How far do you think the "Manorama year book" would be useful for national and international current affairs. Please provide your opinion and suggest others books if any.

Best Regards
T V Karthik "
------My Answer-------
Purpose of the year book as you all know is to understand the set of events happened in a year at the national, international and states any in various fields such as Science and technology, politics,Environment, social and economic deveopments sports etc etc.....

All these things will be covered in any Year book u purchase, whether it is Manorama Year book, Chronicle Year book... or any other... 

But from the Exam point of view It will be too vast to read and remember so much of data...
Anybody who has already attempted Civilservices will be knowing what am actually trying to say... that Preparing for National International events should be done on a daily basis... i.e every day news reading will only help you, not a single book at the time of exam...

Hence in my opinion Year books matter very little if you are preparing on daily basis. I too have Year books of 2009 and 2010... its just another book added to my book shelf... I hardly go through it... I am not saying you should not buy year book at all.. 

If you have one already , then don't go for buying it every year till you prepare.If you are buying monthly magazines that itself would be sufficient... or else u still u want Year book then Year book by Govt of India is better... May be it will help writing answers in Mains. 

Correct me if wrong...

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baby said...

Hi Guys,

That's very true!!! Instead of having year books go with monthly magazines. That really helps a lot.


Anonymous said...

Go for a detailed reading of a good newspaper. Nothing comes beyond the scope of this.