Friday, May 19, 2017

KPSC KAS Gazetted Probationers Prelims 2017

Hello Folks,

The Waiting time is over and finally KPSC is back with New notification and Prelims is scheduled to be conducted in August. Thosee who are interested to write check the for further details. 

Apply before June 12th and study well. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

For the Next Prelims

We have heard this very well :

To realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade.
To realize the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.
To realize the value of ONE WEEK, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.
To realize the value of ONE HOUR, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
To realize the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a person who missed the train.
To realize the value of ONE SECOND, ask a person who just avoided an accident.
To realize the value of ONE MILLISECOND, ask the person who won a silver medal in the Olympics.

To this we can add at the top To realize the Value of Years Ask those serious aspirants Who Failed in KPSC KAS Prelims Exam..

It Took sometime for me to come out of the Trauma of Prelims but now am back in action...

I don't know who frames such things like " FAIL : First Attempt In Learning"
but these minute  are helping people in distress to regain the strength and plan better.
Every time when Govt notifies for Job openings Every kind of Candidates apply for the exam... Say Freshers Seniors Serious , not so serious , Some with No idea of what exam it is,,,

It really Doesn't Matter which group you belong to in the above What matters is whether u passed or not...
Failure haunts the senior players than for others as they would be more focused than others.
So Those who have strong desire to clear the exam should frame a proper plan of Action.
There are hopes that this 2014 Recruitment will be completed soon and there will be fresh Notification. There may be Prelims in 2016 or 2017 Don't know But If you stop reading now the situation may turn out be same next time also...

So Figure out the reasons for your earlier failure and start reading again...
Prepare timetable separately for Week Month and for 3 months just to say.
Read and re read and answer atleast 25 to 50 Multiple choice questions. Have an understanding from Previous question papers first then Read all basic books. One main thing is Don't forget to read News paper everyday.

Prepare for exams with bundle of responsibilities

Lot of Women married and having kids attempt KAS, Many in the past have been very successful and in future will be...

I am also one among them only difference is am not succeeded yet... But I am Determined and will not quit till until I have an opportunity to write the exam.

I wrote prelims 2014 and scored somewhere around 120, against all odds I could get this much.
The purpose to write this article is Most of us with bundle of responsibilities at home like to  take care of kids family and other household chores, think we can study when the notification comes. Bitter truth is when u have the notification in your hands time will be too short and Endless to read ...
And things may be different at that time.

Take for example When notification was out I Had only 3 months time. I thought that's a lot to prepare but i forgot That I am no more a bachelor who can study all the time and any time anything could be planned :)  My son was too young to leave me to read continuously.. and hardly I was able to make out some 4 to 5 hours ...  The pressure of clearing prelims itself dint allow me to read apart from time... 

So Now have Understood If I keep in touch with the books and read constantly without disturbing the time I spend with family, there will be lesser tension...
If anyone of you are in similar conditions please do read from now itself everyday a little at least.
Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe- Abraham Lincoln

Anyways most of you know what to read... The point now is to Read re read and revise... 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Eligibility list for KAS mains 2014 out

KPSC has published list of candidates eligible for Mains KAS 2014 -2015.
Congrats to all those who cleared. Prepare well for mains.
Those who couldn't this time... Prepare well for next Prelims... don't loose Hope. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Just move on...

Even before seeing the key answers of paper 2 and waiting for results Have feeling that will not make it to mains. Anyways its hard to accept failure when you work hard and result is against you. But time is the best healer available in this whole world I guess. Failure is not falling down , but not willing to get up again is Big Failure, as someone has said... I accept this failure gracefully , I am hurt Very much, but soon will recover. 

Guys I wish that your wishes come true... Even if it doesn't this time...Just move on... Dont give up...

Definitely you can proove yourself again, this is not The END but Just a NEW Beginnig...

Key answers out

Key answers for KAS prelims conducted on 2015 Apr 19th are out and available in kpsc website. 
currently only for Paper 1 is available may be in couple of hours they will upload for paper 2 also. 
Good luck to all. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

KAS prelims over... Waiting for results

Just before Prelims I was feeling that time is moving at speed of light nearly... now that its over... looks stand still... awaiting the key answers... doubting whether I would get cleared or not for mains...

Long back I had written a post on Woman aspirants, 

and had listed out how they can study while managing their heavy responsibilities... when I was writing the post had little knowledge on how difficult the situations could be ... now that am in same boat understand its not that easy... anyways I did not give up and will never give up also.. Have worked hard with whatever time I had and wrote the exam. now the cut off would decide whether I am in the race or not... 

I am finding it very hard to write the post as feeling very sad that could have done better,anyways I think its the similar kind of situation for many... The only thing possible in the world is to decide on future and work hard , since past can never be edited... Analyse  mistakes and think on how to proceed further is the only course of action possible now. 

I wish every one good luck for Results.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

KAS 2015 Halticket

Now we can download Admission or Haltickets for KPSC KAS Gazzetted probationers exam 2015.

Pls visit for details.