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Note: I Request the Users to mention the name of books Authors etc in case you are aware of Kannada Medium books for KAS on various Optional subjects and General Studies. Please do the needful as a lot of Kannada medium aspirants want this information. 
General Studies Suggested reading :

Books for Prelims English Medium:

For Prelims Spectrum or Tata Mc grawhills General Studies book which covers all topics

Indian and World Geography by Majid husain , apart from that Buy a book which covers Karnataka geography i.e Geography of Karnataka by Ranganath. 
Geography Of Karnataka by Ss Nanjannavar, Mn Meeranaik 

History :
Bipan chandra :India's Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra, Modern India by Spectrum Publications
For History I use Krishna Reddy book of Indian Hisotory for prelims. Since its just like a guide, For Karnataka History Suryanath U Kamath's book.

Read the Book Which covers All basic Concepts, If you have got spectrum Book for GS it has covererd all economy concepts, NCERT Economy books 
Ramesh singh's indian economy {many people suggested (Personally i have not yet read this book).}
Also News paper reading on economy is needed.
For karnataka economy i still dont know the books Some Said Madaiah, But Karrnataka Economic survey will be useful, Also regular news reading may help.
Govt reports if you can get any ... will be helpful

Indian Polity :
DD Basu and also can read Indian polity by Laxmikant

also if possible Buy NCERT books of  6th, 7th, up to 12th for History, geography, polity and economy will help us understand better and remember things than reference books. Things are explained in a simple manner in these books.

If you are buying books in due respect of mains Exam then you almost have the all the topics to read in your hand.

For Science and Technology :
Thursday issue of Hindu also Special Issues by Magazines.

Current Affairs: Chronicle or Wizard any one should be Okay.
For Karnataka Related affairs May go through News Papers and Magazines

Magazines and Newspapers remain the same for Both Prelims and Mains.Moreover for Prelims you cant say that if you read few books its sufficient. It is vast No mater whatever book you read but remember you cover the core subjects like history geography polity and economy...

Mains Ref Books: 
Mostly the books will remain same for both prelims and mains. 

I will keep updating as and when i come to know more ref books.

Mains Exam is writing answers for 5 marks 10 15 and 30 marks. so You should prepare notes from books. not just remember one liners. There is no rule that you must read these books. But these are the mostly suggested ones by most of the people. 

One General Studies Manual of Spectrum Publications  or Tata Mcgrawhill which covers all the topics for General studies.

History Modern India : 
Spectrum publications Modern India, Bipan Chandra's Strruggle for Independence.
Chronicle special issues (Not mandatory) if you have any one from above.

Indian Polity :
DD Basu and also can read Indian polity by Laxmikant

Current Affairs: 
One News paper Hindu and Prajavani and Magazine such as chronicle

Remains the same books as mentioned above for prelims. you should concentrate on Current based Information. 

Other Books  : India Year book which will be released every year by Govt of India 
Or any other book you are comfortable with. 

Yojana and Kurukshetra from Govt of India Publications.(better subscribe for it for year or so,since very limited copies at bookstores)
For Karnataka Current Affairs You can Buy Sparda Spoorthi or Sparda Chaitra Magazines. Since its in Kannada Its little difficult to translate it ad write notes. This might help only during prelims stage as its only multiple choice. But for mains, Prepare notes from newspaper and Internet.

" MUSIC IS LIFE has left a new comment on your post "Next Prelims Exam 2013???": 
Hi Ashwini,
How far do you think the "Manorama year book" would be useful for national and international current affairs. Please provide your opinion and suggest others books if any.
Best Regards
T V Karthik "

Best Regards
T V Karthik "

------My Answer-------
Purpose of the year book as you all know to understand the set of events happened in a year at the national, international and states any in various fields such as Science and technology, politics,Environment, social and economic deveopments sports etc etc.....

All these things will be covered in any Year book u purchase, whether it is Manorama Year book, Chronicle Year book... or any other... 

But from the Exam point of view It will be too vast to read and remember so much of data...
Anybody who has already attempted Civilservices will be knowing what am actually trying to say... that Preparing for National International events should be done on a daily basis... i.e every day news will only help you, not a single book at the time of exam... 

Hence in my opinion Year books matter very little if you are preparing on daily basis. I too have Year books of 2009 and 2010... its just another book added to my book shelf... I hardly go through it... I am not saying you should not buy year book at all.. 

If you have one already , then don't go for buying it every year till you prepare.If you are buying monthly magazines that itself would be sufficient... or else u still u want Year book then Year book by Govt of India is better... May be it will help writing answers in Mains. 

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Santhoshbilwa said...

Thanks for info..

Jaikumar. said...

Find short notes on Five year Plans here :

Ashwini said...

Thanks Jaikumar...

nagashree said...

hi guys can anyone suggest me hw to cover karnataka current afairs from nov? since i hav nt read news paper regularly

Anonymous said...

Hi...I'm very much interested in appearing KAS exam for next year 201-14(hopefully)!
So I would like to know what are all the books we need to refer for KAS prelims exam as we all know pattern got changed?

So please let me know what are all the books, magazines we need refer/study for prelims exam?

It will be very helpful, I'm not finding exact info regarding this!


Ashwini said...


Please Check the post now

Dileep Urs.R said...

Can any one please provide me with the reference book for Sociology and Anthropology

Dileep Urs

Anonymous said...

sociology by haralombus

Anonymous said...

sociology by haralombus

Anonymous said...

Dears i want KAS mains write in Kannada language, please give me some help for study materials in Kannada language.

optional Subjects
1. Sociology

Thanking you.

Ashwini said...

To All,
Please DO let Ravish Know the Kannada medium books for Sociology, If any one knows
Ashvini said...

can anyone tell me which is the best book for rural development in engish... plsss help

Anonymous said...

i have plan to do the kas (kannada).. now only i completed the pls tell me which coaching center best in bangalore.

thanks and regards

Anonymous said...

Competition Vision[English] - Sparda Spoorthi(Kannada) is a good place to start....


sachin said...

guys can you suggest me books for karnataka history for KPSC mains and a book for compulsory kannada.

chaitra said...

please let me know the book to refer for public administration.

Anonymous said...

i am now studying in 3rd sem b.e.As i have interest in kas/ias.can i start its preparations from now itself?and what all books can i refer at this stage.

Ashwini said...

Since that ur in 3rd sem, U have plenty of time, so just concentrate on completing ur graduation.Meanwhile u can read one good newspaper like The Hindu and just know about national and State Issues, this will help you Attain the maturity to attempt Civil services Exam.


Anonymous said...

Hello mam! i want to appear for KAS examination prelims for 2013-14.shall i buy books both for prelims and mains together or prelims book is enough ?

Anonymous said...

I have taken competition success review magazine every month. is that enough for current affairs?
is there any book which covers all the portions of preliminary examination in one book which is in english.
Please help

Ashwini said...

There is No single book which covers Every topic for Prelims. I never read Competetion success review Magazine,If the Magazine Covers Karnataka Current affairs also then its fine.Otherwise You have to prepare separately for Karrnataka current affairs.

Anonymous said...

I took spardha spoorthi magazine. it is very nice,but it is in kannada. Since i am writing prelims in english will it not be difficult to translate?

Viji said...

Hello Ashwini mam! i have taken staff selection commision exam and i am preparing for it! i also want to do KAS .Can i write the examination in English? if so which magazine is useful for karnataka current affairs which is in English?

Ashwini said...


You can write the exam in English medium or kannada medium.
There is hardly any magazine which is published in English for Karnataka Currrent affairrs.Anyways you can read English daily like deccan herald or Hindu and prepare notes from the same.

Viji said...

The links which u have provided is very useful,but it is in Hindi ,

Ashwini said...


Its Available bot in Hindi and English.Please check it.

Viji said...

Thank you !

Anonymous said...

hi.... when will be the next KAS (prelims)exam?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashwini, any idea abt mains exam date?

Viji said...

Hi Ashwini mam! i took prelims general studies spectrum book,i have downloaded NCERT books and i take chronicle magazine every these references is enough for me to prepare for KAS prelims examination.Also please mention in which month exams get announced.Thank u

Ashwini said...

Along with that Please do prepare for Karnataka current affairs and Karnataka history and geography. Current year mains Exam is still pending hence for the next prelims u my have to wait atleast for year i suppose. Anyways it will be intimated throrugh KPSC website and newspapers. Just stdy well.

Viji said...

Its a UPSC civil service spectrum book.I searched many stores in Avenue road for Karnataka history and geography,But i didn't find,They gave this book.To be frank seeing this book my confidence level is decreasing because it looks so large!!.So at an average in which month They may conduct examination.

Ashwini said...


I have mentioned the name of karnataka history book.U can visit Sapna book house to get books instead of Avenue road.Dont be scared, that book covers all topics of World and India data,Since you are supposed to concentrate on India related.The book helps you a lot except for karntaka related things.

Ammuchi Annad said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

hello Ashwini mam,
can am planning for kas prelima 2013 so plz suggest books for prelims

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me which is the best book for Criminology and Rural Devt n Cooperation???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi. i am planning to write KAS in kannada.. pls tell me books

vinay said...


Ashwini said...

Thanks Vinay :)

Anonymous said...

Go for it!!! Start ur preparation now itself if ur comfortable to manage both.Make sure you get first class marks in engg and spend rest of your time reading newspapers,reading ncert textbooks and improving your writing skills which is very much necessary to crack this exam.
All the best!

baby said...


Before asking questions please refer old blogs so that u will get an idea.

Hope u all can see some tabs in the "header" like ...............About the Exam
Eligibility for Exam
Choosing an Optional SubjectGS booksQuestion

Instead of repeating same question please go through every tab then drop ur questions.Try to explore urself. Don't expect spoon feeding. Ashwini is added enough details.She has made a very good effort to give all details.

kempegowda said...


For geography i saw "Majjid hussain" as reference ... when i searched for that book i got many books written by him for geography.... so it would be very helpfull if the tittle of the book is known....will this book cover both physical and indian geography??

shwetha reddy said...

HI Ashwini mamdam,as i have ompleted my post graduation and planning to write KAS exam this year.since I dont have any source about the study material like which books and subjects to be studied for cracking the prelims.please dont mind i read the whole blog but even then i got confused to know the exact books and subjects..soo,please kindly letme know the books and subjects for the prelims examination..thanking you
Shwetha reddy

Ashwini said...

It is covering Indian and physical geography , Please check with the name indian and world geography the picture of the book is also available. Check it and let me know if ur unable to find out.

Ashwini said...


Please do read it properly, ur confusion will go, i have mentioned the books name also. Let me know if you still have confusions.

kempegowda said...

hey all,

heard they have introduced negative marking even in KAS!!!!!!!!!!! is it true???

kempegowda said...

hi Ashwini thanx a lot.... is there any link which gives me PDF(excuse for this)

Ashwini said...

No Idea !!!

Anonymous said...

ashwni how is ranganath geography 2nd puc text books ?? is it enough for kas prelims exam? pls reply, im going to buy now

Ashwini said...

Ranganath is OK for referring Karnataka Geography, i am not sure of 2nd PU books of geography,but it will be useful i guess.

Raghu said...

Dear frnds, I'm looking for the Indian n Karnataka geography, Indian n Karnataka history, Anthropology books for mains exam.... I request u to give the Author n books names.....

murali reddy said...

Hai guys we are planning to make student study circle for coming KAS and IAS exams let me known if any one is interested email me at

Ashwini said...

@murali reddy,

Its better post it under discussion room for good visibility.

@To all visitors,

Please post the comments based on headings, like General things under discussion room page, If its regarding books of GS then under this page...if its regarding current affairs left menu option is there... and so on...

Anonymous said...

Hi All, is just reading Spectrum or Tata Mc grawhills General Studies book for Prelims sufficient or do we have to go with modern India,geography and polity books as well?

Ashwini said...

Book list mentioned above is not Fixed or compulsory Just for Help you at the beginning stages.Thing is you need to cover the topics or specifically syllabus, Spectrum or other general studies books give all topics but It will not cover the Karnataka related things. Anyways its good to have one GS book,reading Standard reference books will give you insight knowledge of all topics.(Given the changing pattern of Exams and increased competition level,One should look for better resources)

Anonymous said...

Hi anyone knows when will Govt notify 1500 Govt degree college lectures Post

Nagaraj Bhagoji said...

Dear All,
i am Govt Job aspirant,since from few days i am trying to get Govt job.

I request you all kindly update me coming up Govt Jobs in the Year 2013-14 in Karnataka state.It may help me to start early.


Anonymous said...

Hi, me Ayesha
Nice info i got, thanx 2 all.

Plz i need ur advice/suggestion.
I have done BE in electronics, n am confused which to choose optional subjects, as everything is new for me.
I saw physics syllabus, from both part 1/2, i know 2 to 3 chapters well. will it be easy for me.
and for second one, if i go for geography, is it ok.
one more thing, writing loooooong answers, i exhaust very soon, and am good at drawings/pictures and explaining them, so plz plz help me out which one to choose.

vijaylaxmi kulkarni said...

any one who has taken up public administration subject, and finished the exam. can u please provide me some second hand books as i am not able to afford to buy all.including NCERT books. is there any option other than downloading books from online (for ncert text books).

harsha r said...

Ashwini mam thanks for updating reference books, what about the aptitude in prilims exam.

harsha r said...

Ashwini mam thanks for updating reference books. what about the reference books for aptitude.

Anonymous said...

hai iwant to know the books for indian and world geography in mains point of view gs papers. i m reading now ncert upto 12th but mains gs papers point of view i m not satisfied with these books pls suggest me an good books for this my mail id is

vijay said...

Nice inform