Books for Other optionals

Hi friends, for those with Philosophy as optionals please go through
Indian philosophy: Datta and Chatterjee, chandradhar sharma
Western philosophy : y masih
Philosophy of Religion: y masih


supreeth gowda said...

please give the information of the books regarding
the optional political science

prashant said...

please provide me references for rural development please,,,,

Lokesh said...

Hi friends,
just want some inputs regarding criminology as optional..
need strategy and areas of concern in the subject..

also can mail to :

Lokesh said...

Hi Friends,
Need some inputs on criminology..
Also some strategy and areas of concern in the subject..

Mr.x said...

Mineni : Law of Crime (very very good book)
Forensic science : Nabar
Investigation and policing : Ramanujam(little difficult to get but u will find in mysore university or any other library).
Common books : paranjapee and siddiqi.

Criminology is nothing but study of crimes, the factors that give rise to crime, its investigation and
implications. Hence its is nothing but sudy of crimes happening around us. Syllabus is less compared to other subjects. Scoring 350 wont be difficult but above that it added efforts

Anonymous said...

please provide me references for animal husbandry, veterinary science and fisheries i would be very grateful to u all:)

Sri said...

Can anybody suggest me which book i should refer to Public Adminisrtation as Mains in KAS

harsha r said...

hello , guys can you tell me reference books for anthropology for mains.

Aieshwarya said...

PLease suggest a book for Anthropology mains.

Divyasuresh Suresh said...

Hi pls some one send geography and histroy sloved questions.of kas