Thursday, January 24, 2013

Step 1 for Prelims 2013

Since KAS prelims for 2015 is expected , Have to start our preparation and i felt it should be started with Analyzing the Previous Question paper .

Prelims 2011-2012 Question paper Analysis:

Prelims Conducted on April 22 2012 with the new pattern coming into force Had the following Elements:

  • Paper 1 had 100 Questions and
  • Paper 2 100 Questions
Paper 1:
  • 40 Questions were from Current Affairs 
  • History around 14 Questions
  • Geography 17 Questions
  • Polity 15 questions
  • Economy 10 Questions
  • Socio-Economic Development around 4 to 5 questions
  • General Science some questions which were current affairs based i guess
Current affairs Included
  • Various Summits or Conferences in world or Indian platform Eg: Literature fest or Energy summit
  • Environment Based questions like National parks etc any chemicals in news for some reason related to environment Animal reserves like tiger etc
  • Sports affairs like Tennis
  • Birth anniversaries of famous personalities
  • River Treaty
  • Various social indicators like Infant mortality rate etc.

Questions were mostly from the Freedom movement 
Ancient had hardly 2 or 3 questions


Ocean currents, Rocks formation, Soil related questions, Vegetation type,Atmosphere related some famous lakes river related questions


Questions related to Rajya sabha Lok sabha president, Important Cases like Minerva mills case etc. Important Committees Etc 


Questions were mostly current affairs based


Paper 2:

Most of the Questions were from Economic survey and rest of the questions included Socio-Economic indicators like IMR or Census data and various schemes by Karnataka Govt
Simple reasoning questions like Venn diagram based graphical representation and passage reading and answering from the same. 

  • One can not Expect the same pattern of questions this year also, but the basic structure may not change, i.e one should not ignore the basic subjects like History geography polity economy, though questions asked may be less but cant take the chance.
  • Current affairs should be given importance specially the Socio economic concepts. Hence Make notes from news paper without fail. 


Anonymous said...

holeya kaarya ,dhanyavaadagalu

Vijayashree S said...

Can you Please refer me books for prelims exams...

Anonymous said...

hello mam,where we get the
kas solved previous year question papers

k firdos begum said...

Asma -maam,
1) from where we can get information related to karnataka govt schemes other than kannada news paper. as im poor in kannada language. plzz refer related english newspaper or magzine...
2)on this date onwards maam how can i prepare both for prelims n mains before kas prelims 2013 commence
3)will after 2011 kas mains n interview results only kas 2013 notification would be i have just gave my mains exam

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how and where to apply ???
please reply... i don't know anything!!

Santhosh shetty said...

Dayavittu kannada Pada balakeyannu sariyaagi maadiri

Anonymous said...

Hi, I lost my Kpsc prelims very closely. I had my 3 months baby during kpsc 2015 prelims. It was tough, I tried hard in spite of bad health. Can anybody please tell me if KPSC will be called again in 2016. I will not be eligible for exams in 2017 !! This will by last and only chance again. Pls help!!

Anonymous said...

This site is great for KPSC news! Thanks! kudos