Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Special Status to Hyderabad-Karnataka Region

Hyderabad Karnataka Region is all set to receive special Status

Which is Hyderabad Karnataka Region?

Six backward districts in North Karnataka  — Gulbarga, Yadgir, Raichur, Bidar, Koppal and Bellary    :


Why a Special Status Now?

The region of Hyderabad – Karnataka Which is most Backward in Karnataka State.
It contains 21 of the 39 Most Backward Taluks in the state, according to D.M Nanjundappa Committee report on development Index.
As per The State Human Development Index, Bidar Koppal,Gulbarga And Raichur are the Most Backward Districts in the state.
Places Like Bidar and Gulbarga were the most important Places during Medieval Times, but During Modern times, the Region lacks the Development Mode.

How a Special Status is Given?

 Will be Done Through an amendment to the Constitution. i.e A New Article 371 J will be inserted and thus Amending the Constitution.
A Bill will be introduced in the parliament - > which was done in this Monsoon session.
Once the Bill is passed by Parliament With two-Thirds of Majority The Celebrated region will get its special Status like The Telengana region in AndraPradesh and Vidharbha Region in Maharashtra.

Since The Monsoon Session was Washed out nicely We may expect this to be Passed only in Winter Session.

Special Status How is it going to be useful for the people?

These Districts will get Special Priority in allocating the State funds in Development Education and Employment Sectors.
Apart from this People of this region will get Reservation in Government Jobs and Admission in Educational Institutions.

Also Constitutional Special Status, will enable the Establishment of a Regional Council or development Boards which will have its own Elected members and Budget and also Region will get more central funds for development and will be on par with the Telananga region of Andhra Pradesh.                 


Anonymous said...

hi ashwini, any idea abt mains exam dates?

revan said...

Does these districts get reservation in kas exam..???

Ashwini said...

Once the bill is passed we may know about reservations in KAS Exams.

Anonymous said...

This will not affect group a and b.

Anonymous said...

This will not affect group a and b.

Anonymous said...

Does it have any reservation of seats in IAS n KAS examinations?

Anonymous said...

it has reservation in kas,,,,,but i dont think it is applicable for national level govt jobs,,